Player Development



What type of competition does the Soccer Academy play?


  • United Soccer Leagues (USL) U23 Premier Development League (PDL)
  • US Open Cup
  • Gold Coast Soccer League, Premier Division (quality senior league)
  • Caribbean American Soccer Association (quality senior league)
  • Miami Soccer League (quality senior league)
  • Top Youth Clubs in Florida
  • U19 College Showcase Tournaments
  • NCAA and NAIA Programs
  • Professional Teams


What type of soccer training does the program provide?


The team is encouraged to play an attractive, attacking style of soccer with a disciplined defense. Our approach is to conduct practice like a professional apprenticeship team in Europe.


Training will consist of coordination/technical training, individual/team tactics and physical fitness. Soccer is a thinking game, therefore we put great emphasis on developing vision, reading the game, quick decision-making, movement off the ball, communication and mental toughness.


The Academy has a weight training program that is designed for the needs of a soccer player. Players are given a membership to a local gym with their soccer fee. The team is also trained in speed and agility training through plyometrics and is also an extension of the weight training program.


Along with the physical aspects of soccer, players will be educated on the proper diet and nutrition for a soccer player. Players will learn what to eat at different time so of the week in relation to their game, practice and recovery schedules.