Where do the student-athletes attend full-time college?


Student-Athletes are encouraged to register and attend Palm Beach Community College (PBCC). The Palm Beach Pumas Soccer Academy and PBCC do not have a partnership.


If the student-athlete chooses to become a member of the soccer academy then attending the community college is his best financial choice. There are other options to satisfy the needs of individuals such as technical schools or local universities.


How does the Academy’s staff assist with the student-athletes academic needs?


The Academy will have a study hall supervisor that helps create a disciplined study environment and he will assist student-athletes with their academic needs. This will include but won’t be limited to organizing study hall and tutoring; communicating with the student-athlete’s college professors and parents; helping student-athletes set short and long term academic goals; monitoring the overall success of the student-athlete’s academics.


Will credits transfer from a Florida Community College to other colleges/universities around the country?

The student-athlete will submit a list of 5 colleges/universities he will attempt to attend after one or two years in the Academy. The student-athlete, academy academic supervisor and college guidance counselor will meet to determine what courses must be completed to transfer to out of state colleges and universities.


How many credits are the student-athletes required to take?


In order to play NCAA soccer in the 2007 season then the student-athlete must complete a minimum of 24 credits in 2006-07. The students are discouraged to take more than 12 credits hours per fall and spring semesters because of the heavy soccer schedule.


The community college will not allow students to take more than 6 credit hours during the summer 6-week short term. Student-athletes can transfer from community college with 30 credit hours if they attend the summer semester.