Pumas College Prep Program Advances Six to Division 1 Soccer Programs




Lake Worth, Fl – The Pumas 2005-06 College Prep Program operated from Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth advanced six student-athletes to NCAA Division 1 Programs.


The Program is designed to develop the student’s academics and game by training, attending full-time class, study hall four days per week while competing in 2 games per week.


The squad of college freshman competes in 50 games against the Elite Senior Leagues in South Florida, college teams and professional teams.


The Academy will announce in the 2006-07 roster in the near future.

George Washington Coach Travels to Wales to Scout Pumas Exchange Students


West Palm Beach, Fl.- (Monday, November 28, 2005) – The Palm Beach Pumas announce that last years College Prep players, Ben Ward and Adam Dupere

College Prep Co-Captain, Dor Yasur Signs With American University


West Palm Beach, Fl. – ( Friday, December 2, 2005)- The Palm Beach Pumas are pleased to announce that Dor Yasur, the Pumas College Prep team co-captain is the first 2005-06 player to sign with a NCAA Division 1